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global digital health – today, tomorrow, and beyond

digihealthday 2024

a global look at digital health from the heart of europe

DigiHealthDay (DHD) is a Global Forum for Education, Research, Innovation, and Networking in Digital Health, with the theme “Global Digital Health – today, tomorrow, and beyond.” It is organized by the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI), the international campus of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), together with its partners, sponsors, and donors. DHD includes a series of events, both onsite and online, throughout the year, all centered around the theme “How are digital technologies transforming health and care around the world?” The series culminates in the main symposium, DigiHealthDayS, and the networking event, DigiHealthNight, in November.


Principal Sponsors




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Second Call


JUNE 2024 | DigiHealthDay @ DIT-ECRI, Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany


We are pleased to announce the 5th Jubilee Edition of DigiHealthDay, the premier Digital Health Education, Research, Innovation, and Networking event of the year!

This year, we are more excited than ever as the event is bigger and will take place over two full days on November 14th and 15th, 2024. The event will be onsite and online, making it accessible to participants around the globe.

Organized by DIT-ECRI in collaboration with our valued sponsors, donors, and partners, DigiHealthDayS-2024 promise to be a unique global event in Digital Health, bringing together the important stakeholders in one place to drive global digitalization in healthcare.

This year, the Bavarian State Ministry of Health, Care and Prevention will be co-sponsoring the event and also co-hosting a special session, to present and discuss the global best practices in Digital Transformation of the Healthcare, and what we in Bavaria can learn from them.

We are thrilled to announce our exclusive Principal Sponsor for the 2024 Series, MACH by x-tention! MACH lets you easily build connections between on-premise and cloud applications and across environments, with a cloud-managed, closely monitored integration solution that ensures secure and reliable data exchange, even in the most complex healthcare landscapes.

We are also excited to introduce our Premier Sponsor, BrightHills, an established provider of regulated software services for healthcare and medical technology companies. They offer SaMD, FDA 510(k), EU MDR CE marking, SOP consultation, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance, and has over 20 years of experience in the U.S. market.

We are honored to be recognized as partner events to the Munich Digital Health Summit, and Build Well Being, two major impactful Digital Health events in Germany and Austria, respectively.

The support by our donors and sponsors is instrumental in bringing this event to life.

Are you interested in highlighting your company to the international crowd of experts, decision makers, and students – potential “ambassadors” of your products or services? Do not hesitate to benefit from our sponsorship packages that provide great value for money. More information is available here.

This year’s event will feature a more diverse and comprehensive program led by prominent experts in the field. Apart from keynotes and panel discussions, there will be novel thematic sessions and exciting additional events – so do REGISTER and attend to keep abreast of the program that is currently being crafted to bring you the best Education, Research, Innovation, and Networking experience. An exceptional lineup of world-renowned speakers awaits you. Check them out here.

As you know, in addition to the main events in November, DigiHealthDay boasts a series of Workshops on various key topics in Digital Health running throughout the year. Check back the workshops program regularly, and follow us on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) to not miss any of the great educational activities in the series.

Since last year, an exclusive Blended Intensive Program on Artificial Intelligence for Health, co-funded by Erasmus Plus, has been organized as part of the DigiHealthDay in cooperation with our partner intuitions: University of Agder in Norway, Luleå University of Technology and AI Sweden, Czech Technical University in Prague, and Polytechnical University of Catalonia in Barcelona. This exclusive program offers students from EU institutions the opportunity to come together in an interdisciplinary and inter-cultural group for in-depth learning and engagement with leading academics and practitioners in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. You can read the heartfelt testimonials from last year’s DHD & BIP below. Interested educational institutions can reach out to us for more information.

Are you a researcher, student, or professional looking for an opportunity to bring your research to a focused community? Publish your papers, abstracts, or posters with us. We have extended the submission deadline to 1st October. Visit submission for more details. Outstanding contributions will get the chance to present their work at DigiHealthDay and receive awards.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Participation is FREE, but onsite seats are limited and so are the accommodation options in and around Pfarrkirchen, so if you are planning to join us ONSITE, please SIGNUP TODAY to secure your place at this premier event, and plan your travel and lodging in advance.

To give you the complete “boutique” experience, which is so special to DigiHealthDay, we offer ‘DigiHealthNight’ where you can network with like-minded professionals, our DigiHealthDay Family and Community, in a relaxed atmosphere of music, drinks and snacks. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to build your network and engage in delightful discussions.

Join us in this exciting journey and be part of our mission to advance Digital Health glocally.

Register now and stay updated by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

We look forward to welcoming you to charming Pfarrkirchen in the Heart of Europe!

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Dipak Kalra

International Invited Chair

Prof. Dr. Horst Kunhardt

Scientific Committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan

Organizing Committee Chair

advisory board established


March 2024 | DigiHealthDay @ DIT-ECRI, Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany


We are excited to announce the establishment of our Advisory Board, a milestone development in broadening the reach and influence of the DigiHealthDay Series. Comprised of renowned international experts in digital health, this board is tasked with guiding the series' strategic direction and future initiatives. Their combined expertise and insights are poised to enrich DigiHealthDay, and strengthen its status as a premier platform for Digital Health education, research, innovation, and networking. The members of our inaugural advisory board include:

  • Prof. Dipak Kalra
  • Prof. Horst Kunhardt
  • Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan
  • Prof. Bernd Blobel
  • Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta
  • Prof. Anne Snwodon
  • Dr. Georg Münzenrieder
  • Ms. Pilar Fernandez Hermida
  • Ms. Birgit Bauer
  • Mr. Philippe Gerwill
  • Prof. Henrique Martins
  • Dr. Lars Lindsköld
  • Mr. Artur Olesch
  • Prof. Martin Gerdes
  • Mr. Dmitry Etin


Their involvement promises to propel DigiHealthDay forward, ensuring its place at the forefront of the Digital Health domain.



by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook.





First call


February 2024 | DigiHealthDayS-2024 @ DIT-ECRI, Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany


We are pleased to launch the Jubilee 5th Edition of the DigiHealthDay, the premier international Digital Health Research, Education, and Networking Series, hosted by the European Campus Rottal-Inn of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT-ECRI), in collaboration with our esteemed PARTNERS, DONORS, and SPONSORS.

DigiHealthDayS-2024 invite you to explore the forefront of Digital Health and its pivotal role in addressing current healthcare challenges. The Series begins with a pre-conference DigiHealthDay Workshops in spring and runs until fall, culminating in the main activities held on the premises of European Campus Rottal-Inn (and streamed online) in November 11-15, 2024. With a history of excellence, highlighted by last year's growth to 1,323 registrations from 105 countries, we promise an even more action-packed and enriching Digital Health experience.

DIT-ECRI, the cradle of the Innovative, Interdisciplinary, and International (I3) Master of Digital Health (MDH) program, continues to lead in Digital Health Education. In addition to DigiHealthDay Workshops, this year as well, the exclusive Blended Intensive Program on Artificial Intelligence for Health, co-funded by Erasmus Plus, will be offered by world-renowned academics before and during the DigiHealthWeek of November 11-15.

JOIN US to delve into an exceptional program, meticulously curated by preeminent EXPERTS in the field, featuring a spectrum of topics such as AI Research, Ethics, and Regulation, the European Health Data Space (EHDS), Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Education in Digital Health, among others. Our goal is to unite diverse stakeholders in a collaborative environment, fostering unity and synergy to advance Digital Health on a global scale. The event will be filled with keynote speeches from leading experts, engaging panel discussions, scientific presentations, student session and unparalleled networking opportunities.

SECURE YOUR SPOT now for continuous updates and to connect with our vibrant international Digital Health community.

REGISTER, if you have not already and ensure you are well-informed about our distinguished speakers and dynamic program, including the year-round DigiHealthDay Workshops. Read the TESTIMONIALS (see below) from the previous year’s edition to feel the vibe.

STAY UPDATED by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you, either in person or virtually, to the heart of Europe, for unforgettable DigiHealthDayS-2024. Let's celebrate this Jubilee Edition together!

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Dipak Kalra

International Invited Chair

Prof. Dr. Horst Kunhardt

Scientific Committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan

Organizing Committee Chair




"Last week, a select group of healthtech shakers and breakers headed to a remote place
in Bavaria, Pfarrkirchen. The epicentre was the Deggendorf Institute of Technology campus.
The magnet was the DigiHealthDay (DHD). Prof. Georgi, the force of nature that brought us together.
Away from flashing lights and tsunami-size conferences, DHD felt boutique. Not because of bling,
but because it lets shine what matters the most: People.  Digitalhealth is about humans
helping humans, powered by technology. Thanks for your reminder.

To me, digital health is about humans taking care of humans, powered by technology.

My head is still buzzing from the conversations and great insights shared during DHD.
The energy of the students was contagious and it makes me very optimistic for the future of #digitalhealth.
Congratulations on a great event Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan and team!"

Pilar Fernandez Hermida (UAE & UK)



"Es war uns eine große Freude beim Digihealthday dabei zu sein, ich persönlich habe viel gelernt
und neue Perspektiven betrachtet. Und, was mich beeindruckt hat ist diese große Neugierde
der Studentinnen und Studenten. I like!"

Birgit Bauer (Germany)



"Excellent speakers and overall conference! I am truly honored to be able to have given a talk
at your conference. I want to say thank you for making this possible, and I look forward to meeting
everyone in person next year."

Dr. Harvey Castro (USA)



"Hosting those illustrious speakers at Pfarrkirchen for the DigiHealthDay 2023 is a
remarkable performance, but the true marvel lies in gathering students from over 100 countries
in this small little German town, crafting not just an event, but a lifetime of global experiences."

Philippe Gerwill (Switzerland)



"When we engage in active listening and learn from each other by having conversations,
we create an opportunity to shift our perspectives and change our minds on what we should
or could do to make improvements. Thank you. Looking forward to next DigiHealthDay already :-)"

Dr. Lars Lindsköld (Sweden)





"This conference was one of the very best experiences I have had the pleasure of attending.
This would not have been possible without the contribution of all of the people behind the scenes:
organizers, speakers, participants, and volunteers. I would like to publicly acknowledge my immense
gratitude to Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan for being the mastermind behind this experience. It was truly
touching seeing how many people’s hearts he has impacted; he is a clear example of how far
dedication and kindness can take you as a person, and I admire that.

As an AI master’s student who attended BIP program, I see a clear need for pushing the
advancements of technology in favor of humanity and making the shift towards digitalization
in the healthcare sector not only to save lives, but also to improve the quality of life of mankind."

Sergio Serrano Hernández



"… Intensive doesn't begin to describe this massively impactful week. With a limited background in AI,
my contribution was driven by my passion for health, my love for challenge, and my will to learn.
In a field historically dependent on human skill, it is beyond fascinating to hear experts unveil
the steps we can take toward enhancing precision, security, and revolutionary medicinal discovery.
Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan, renowned expert and head organizer of the DigiHealthWeek,
THANK YOU does not begin to express my gratitude for having me as a student. You really did
bring the family sentiment to this entire event and to all of us. Your masterliness and natural
disposition as a leader is inspiring, and I very much enjoyed our captivating conversations. To many more!"

Saga Brilioth



"Had a great experience this past week attending my second DigiHealth Day hosted by
Deggendorf Institute of Technology. It was a day full with insights and innovation in digital health,
thanks to Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan. Love the interconnected community in digital health.
Grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to DigiHealth Day 2024."

Ashwanthi Balasubramanian



“If you’re not into DigitalHealth, you’re not into Health” a motto to live with by
Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, PhD Once again, DigiHealthDay has left us in awe with its
remarkable, international assembly of top Digital Health professionals, discussing
the latest challenges, opportunities, and breakthroughs in the field. A day filled with diverse
sessions and insightful plenaries, offering a comprehensive view into AI, Metaverse, Patient_Engagement,
Data_Sharing, and more in Digital Health. Deepest gratitude to Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan for organizing
this invaluable gathering where knowledge meets innovation at every turn. Start planning
and make sure you don’t miss DigiHealthDay 2024, and let’s meet in November 2024 in Pfarrkirchen, Germany"

Mahsa Rouzkhatouni




"Had a wonderful day at this year's DigiHealthDay! The quality of presentations was outstanding,
and the organizers are wonderful for making this happen. 👏"

I am genuinely proud of our university!

Aisha Umar Muhammad



"DigihealthDay 2023 was a great experience! It was a pleasure to meet and listen to the
experts in Digital Health especially a presentation regarding the success factors for AI implementation
by Dr. Justus Wolff . Coming from a Global Public health perspective the experience was quite eye opening.
I also enjoyed working with an amazing group of volunteers😊. I would like to appreciate the
chief organizer, Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan, and the organizing team, for this opportunity.
Looking forward to DHD 2024 and beyond!"

Rebekah Lamai Gambo



"I had an amazing time at the conference! The diverse mix of people from
various countries and backgrounds made it a truly unique experience.
Working and networking with such a dynamic group was not only enjoyable but also incredibly enriching.
I worked at the conference as an international tutor and a student, I found the conference
to be a perfect blend of professional growth and personal satisfaction.
It was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from others, and build connections that
will undoubtedly contribute to my future endeavors. Big thank you to the organizers
for putting together such an inspiring event. I am looking forward to more exciting events."

Ali Badran


  • Special Focus on: Digital health education, AI research, ethics and regulation, digital health innovation and entrepreneurship, pragmatic research in digital health
  • EHR, health information systems
  • Data standards and interoperability
  • Telemedicine and remote health care
  • mHealth, IoMT, and telemonitoring
  • Health data management and analytics
  • Privacy, security, trust, and patient engagement
  • Robotics, blockchain, new and emerging technologies
  • Delivery models, bottlenecks, and moving forward



  • Academics — to present your research to a professional audience consisting of Digital Health experts and enthusiasts from different corners of the world, to communicate your message to the Global Digital Health Community (through our information channels reaching a minimum of 150,000 users worldwide), and to publish your research in an open-access peer-reviewed indexed periodical.
  • Health professionals and managers — to improve your knowledge of Digital Health applications, products and services available in Germany and worldwide, and to find inspiration for integrating Digital Health into your routine workflow — for the benefit of your patients and your business.
  • Companies — to directly market your products / services to a diverse group of Digital Health students and specialists from 100+ countries around the world (each of them potentially an ambassador and promoter of your technology in their country of origin), to spread the word about your business to the Global Digital Health Community (through our information channels reaching a minimum of 150,000 users worldwide), and to position your company as a socially responsible supporter of research and development in one of the most important health-related domains.
  • Students — to hear from some of the brightest minds in the domain of Digital Health, to present your bachelor / master research or your business project to the audience consisting of top-level experts – with a chance to win a valuable prize!, to publish the results of your work in the internationally recognised and indexed periodical, and to network with young like-minded Digital Health enthusiasts.
  • Citizens — to familiarise yourself with the exciting new world of Digital Health, and to catch a glimpse of the upcoming revolutionary changes in medicine and health care.




Monday - Friday, 11-15 November 2024



digihealthDAY workshops

DigiHealthDay is not just a one-day symposium – it is also a series of educational events hosted at DIT-ECRI in Spring and Summer 2024, in partnership with CONEDIG – the Consortium of Educational Institutions in Digital Health.



Upcoming Workshop


Title: Ambient Assisted Living and DeinHaus 4.0

Speaker: Horst Kunhardt (Germany)
Date: July 1, Monday, 2024

REGISTER for zoom link



Past Workshops


Title: Clinical Decision and AI Systems in Healthcare

Speaker: Arunakiry Natarajan, M.Sc, MDS (Germany)
Date: April 22, Monday, 2024



Title: Data Integration and Interoperability

Speakers: Luis Ruiz, PhD (Norway), Jonathan Okereke, M.Sc (Germany), Fernando Portilla, M.Sc (Germany), Henrique Martins, PhD (Portugal)
Date: May 13-17, Monday-Friday, 2024 

Format: Blended (Physical & Virtual)

Duration: 5 days

Learning Objectives: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to understand and apply key concepts and techniques of data integration and interoperability within Digital Health systems. 

  • Foundational Understanding of Data Integration
  • Health Level Seven International (HL7) Standards: HL7 V2, CDA, IPS
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • Introduction to OpenEHR Standard & Implementation
  • Terminology and Mapping
  • European EHR Xchange Format (EEHRxF) and its features





13 May


Room: EC 1.04-1.06


14 May


Room: EC 1.04-1.06


15 May


Room: EC 1.17-1.20


16 May


Room: EC 1.07-1.10


17 May


Room: EC 1.17-1.20





Introduction to Data Integration and Interoperability

(Jonathan Okereke)

FHIR Introduction

(Luis Ruiz)

Introduction to OpenEHR based data modeling

(Luis Ruiz)

Terminology binding of clinical information models

(Luis Ruiz/Fernando Portilla)

Current eHealth landscape and the main EEHRxF features 

EHDS, adoption, implementation and the cocreation approach 

(Henrique Martins)






Data Integration Techniques

Different Inegration models

(Jonathan Okereke)

FHIR specifications 

Getting started with FHIR  


(Luis Ruiz/Jonathan Okereke)


Implementation / Integration Techniques and Challenges

(Luis Ruiz)

Teminology servers SNOMED CT and LOINC

(Luis Ruiz/Fernando Portilla)

Technical content I

Technical content II

    (Henrique Martins) 






Hands on session  

HL7 V2

(Fernando Portilla)

Hands on session

HL7 FHIR – Part 1

(Jonathan Okereke)

Hands on session

OpenEHR - Part 1

(Luis Ruiz)

Hands on session Mapping

(Luis Ruiz/Fernando Portilla)







ISO 13606 summary

International Patient Summary (IPS)

(Fernando Portilla)

Hands on session

HL7 FHIR – Part 2

(Jonathan Okereke)

Hands on session

OpenEHR - Part 2

(Luis Ruiz)


remarks, student’s work, and feedback

(Luis Ruiz/Fernando Portilla)




Title: Human-Computer Interaction for Digital Health

Speakers: Martin Gerdes, PhD (Norway) , Michelle Catta-Preta, PhD (Spain)
Date: June 5, Wednesday, 2024



Title: European Health Data Space. It is here to stay!

Speakers: Dipak Kalra, PhD (United Kingdom), Dmitry Etin (Austria)
Date: June 24, Monday, 2024



(09:30 - 13:00 CEST)

09:30 - 11:15

1. European Health Data Space Facts

2. An Introductory Dialog: The current state of innovation in highly regulated markets

3. Health Data Drives Innovation – The Case for EHDS

4. Discussion with Audience

Break (15 MINS)

11:30 - 13:00

5. Industry Impact – The Case for EHDS

6. EHDS Primary and Secondary Use Ecosystem

7. Discussion with Audience














Title: All of us Research Program

Speaker: Brandy Mapes, MLIS (USA)
Date: June 26, Wednesday, 2024



The DigiHealth workshops are co-sponsored by CONEDIG – the Consortium of Educational Institutions in Digital Health.



DigiHealthDay 2024 is an International Symposium with the theme "Global Digital Health – Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond". We invite interesting abstracts pertaining to the field of digital health and its role in the context of 'Global Health'. You are welcome to submit scientific articles as abstracts or papers. 

Participation in DigiHealthDay 2024 entitles you to the publishing of one abstract and paper in the Symposium Proceedings and the Journal of Applied Interdisciplinary Research (JAIR) jointly with the Ukrainian Journal of Medical Informatics and Engineering. (Note: Formal acceptance required!) JAIR features topics in interdisciplinary research and is aimed at academic readers from diverse disciplines. To find out more about the journal, please visit https://jas.bayern/index.php/jair/index.

The following are topics that are of interest for DigiHealthDay 2024: 

  • Special Focus on: Digital health education, AI research, ethics and regulation, digital health innovation and entrepreneurship, pragmatic research in digital health
  • EHR, health information systems
  • Data standards and interoperability
  • Telemedicine and remote health care
  • mHealth, IoMT, and telemonitoring
  • Health data management and analytics
  • Privacy, security, trust, and patient engagement
  • Robotics, blockchain, new and emerging technologies
  • Delivery models, bottlenecks, and moving forward


Please use the following links to assist you in the submission

Submission preparation checklist and author guidelines:


Paper Submission:
Please register at the following link in order to submit a paper


Abstract Submission:
Please submit your abstract at the following link


Important Dates:

  • Abstract / paper submission deadline: 1st September, 2024
  • Notification of acceptance (on or before): 1st October, 2024
  • Student session submission deadline: 1st September, 2024


Please address your inquiries to: submission.digihealth@th-deg.de


host & venue

The faculty European Campus Rottal-Inn is a semi-autonomous branch of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (abbreviated to DIT. In German the DIT is titled THD – Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, a university of applied sciences in Bavaria). ECRI was established in 2015 as a cross-disciplinary educational institution preparing multilingual, global graduates for international careers in applied healthcare and technical sciences. ECRI offers two full-time study programs in the field of Healthcare Information and Communication Technologies: Bachelor of Health Informatics, and Master of Medical Informatics, both taught in English, targeting not only local but primarily international students.

ECRI is located in the district centre Pfarrkirchen, in the region of Lower Bavaria (South-East of Germany). It is a charming touristic town, nestled among rolling, picturesque hills, close to the Austrian border and only one hour’s drive away from Deggendorf. Attractive cities nearby are Salzburg, Regensburg and Passau, and Munich is just a 90-minute drive away. The proximity to Austria and the Czech Republic puts the district in the heart of Europe. Pfarrkirchen has excellent school and education facilities, and offers many leisure activities. In the recent years Pfarrkirchen has become culturally renowned in the area due to its exceptional art exhibitions, museum nights and numerous festivals and events throughout the year. In the summer, the old town festival tempts thousands of visitors with its multicultural culinary and musical events.

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) strives for academic excellence and ranks among the best universities of applied sciences in Germany. Founded in 1994, it is a young, modern and excellently equipped university offering relevant and practical courses set in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. DIT supports its students with many facilities, such as student clubs, a sports programme, an international office, career services and child care centre. It is the perfect environment for students to shape their futures and move forward into academic success.

Over 8,500 students study in a range of bachelor and master level courses held in English or German (of which 45% are international students from 100+ countries). More than 1,500 students are at ECRI, in exclusively English study courses. DIT is committed to producing global graduates with international degrees: 165 partner universities around the world provide students with many opportunities to gain experience and earn credits towards their degree through foreign exchange semesters, internships and double-degree studies abroad. Additionally, great value is placed on German language training, which is tremendously beneficial for international students, helping them integrate easily into the Bavarian lifestyle.

The university focuses in three areas: firstly, full-time education; secondly, applied research & development; and thirdly, further education. Full-time education concentrates on the bachelor and master courses, whilst in applied research & development a vast range of research topics lead to practical scientific solutions that are used to develop new, marketable products, processes and services. In fact, many doctoral students are engaged in cooperative PhD programmes in this important field. Finally, further education is organised by the Deggendorf Institute for Further Education; its courses are geared towards students who work full-time whilst pursuing further education to advance their careers.

Location and directions: How to get there


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We offer different sponsoring packages, including printing your logo on the website, in the invitation and the conference book plus a little booth where you could give information on your products/services for example. We would be very happy to talk about cooperate opportunities with you. 

More info contact Fara Fernandes

Donors & sponsors



Supported by CITY of Pfarrkirchen

Sparkasse Rottal-Inn, Pfarrkirchen





Review of past events

On 9 and 10 November 2023, the fourth DigiHealthDay (DHD) was hosted by the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI). The international scientific symposium received an impressive 1,323 registrations from 105 nations and brought together more than 450 people on-site and online. Academics, students, policy makers, company representatives and digital health enthusiasts came together to discuss the future of technology use in healthcare. The amount of positive feedback marks the DHD as a leading platform for digital health research, education and networking.

Three plenary sessions, three online sessions, fifteen keynote speeches and one panel discussion: the event’s programme – this year focusing on ethics and regulations, innovation, entrepreneurship, and AI research – gave the DigiHealth community a platform to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and spark future collaborations. It was a rare opportunity for on-site attendees whose level of expertise ranged from academic backgrounds to simple interest, to engage directly with some of the world's foremost experts on digital health. International speakers included Dipak Kalra, PhD (United Kingdom), Rajendra Gupta, PhD (India), Anne Snowdon of HIMSS Analytics, PhD (Canada), Miklós Szócska, PhD (Hungary) and Lars Lindsköld, MD (Sweden), to name but a few.

Learn more about past DigiHealthDay events:


Chief Organiser

Content & programme 

Event Management

Marketing & branding

Communication & media

Tech Support