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As a civil engineer, you plan a construction project and accompany it from project planning and construction to acceptance of construction and invoicing of construction services. During your studies, you will learn how to comply with the relevant legal framework and technical regulations and learn about building physics, technical mechanics and special materials in practice. Business administration and management courses are also included, as you must always take into account the construction process, efficiency and profitability of a building project during planning and execution. The Civil Engineering degree programme at DIT is deliberately broad-based in order to provide you with comprehensive basic knowledge in classic construction areas - e.g. structural engineering, roads, bridges, tunnels and hydraulic engineering facilities - but also to teach you how to use the latest computer-aided methods and corresponding software.

Areas of focus:

  • Building management
  • Enviromental factors and infrastructure
  • Structural engineering

fact sheet civil and construction engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Duration: 7 semesters (3.5 years)

Start: October (winter semester)

Location: Deggendorf

Taught in: German

Application period: 15 April - 15 July

Admission requirements:

  • General German university entrance qualification, or please check your eligibilty at the DAAD if you own an international qualification
  • Six weeks internship at a construction site
  • Language requirements


  • Knowledge in science-based subjects in beneficial

Dual study programme: The degree programme in Civil and Construction Engineering can also be studied in cooperation with companies. You can find all information about this on the cooperative studies page.

Postgraduate oportunities:

CHE ranking 2019/20:

  • Leading position in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Enquiries: welcome@th-deg.deprospective student advisors


Start of studies before October 2022: Information on the course of studies and the contents can be found under Module Handbook and Study and Exam Regulations.

career prospects

As a civil engineer, you will accompany a construction project from planning, project planning and execution through to acceptance and invoicing of the construction work. This requires extensive knowledge of the relevant legal and safety regulations, building physics and statics, as well as business management knowledge, since the efficiency of the construction project must always be taken into account during planning and execution.

In addition to pure office work, the activity also includes on-site work on the construction site to monitor the implementation and completion of the construction project.

You will find areas of application as a civil engineer e.g. in construction offices of cities and communities, in building and civil engineering companies, in engineering and architecture offices or as a self-employed worker.

Related professions include the profession of architect, draughtsman or construction technician.

  •     Sewage and environmental technology
  •     Baufirmen, construction industry
  •     Building services engineering
  •     Engineering offices
  •     Water management
  •     Road construction
  •     Municipal building administration
  •     Noise protection structure
  •     Civil engineering, tunnel construction
  •     Water management and administration
  •     Housing

The Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering aims to provide an education based on scientific findings and methods through practice-oriented teaching. As a graduate, you should be able to work independently as an engineer.

subject overview

Overview of lectures and courses, SWS (Semesterwochenstunden = weekly hours/semester) and ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) in the Bachelor's degree Civil Construction Engineering.

The new semester overview will start in the WS 2022/2023

1. Semester SWS ECTS
Chemistry 4 5
Basics in Engineering Mechanics 4 4
Basics in Hydromechanics 2 3
Structural Drawing and CAD I 2 2,5
Desc. Geometry and Freehand Drawing 2 2,5
Construction Operations I 4 5
Mathematics I.1 4 4
Materials I.1 2 2
Building Construction 1 2 2
2. Semester SWS ECTS
Mathematics I.2 2 3
Materials I.2 5 5
Building Construction 1 2 2
Urban Land Use Planning 2 2
Building Physics I 5 5
Structural Analysis I 4 5
Computer Science I.1 2 3
3. Semester SWS ECTS
Computer Science I.2 2 2
Mathematics II 4 5
Structural Analysis II 4 5
CAD II 2 3
Chemistry Internship 1 1
Geotechnics Internship 1 1
Traffic Engineering 4 5
Geotechnics I.1 4 4
Mapping 1 2 2
4. Semester SWS ECTS
Geotechnics I.2 4 4
Mapping 2 3 3
Structural Analysis III 6 6
Solid Construction I 6 6
Timber Construction I 4 5
Law 4 5
5. Semester SWS ECTS
Internship (20 Wochen) - 25
PLV 4 5
6. Semester SWS ECTS
Metal Construction I 4 5
Materials II 2 2
Bridge Construction 2 2
Prestressed Concrete Construction 2 2
Water Management I 6 6
Traffic Route Construction I.1 2 3
Possible specialisations (project studies at choice)    
Construction Management 1 5 7
Environment and Infrastructure 1 5 7
Structural Engineering Project Studies 4 7
Selected Chapters from Structural Engineering 2 5
FWP Civil Engineering 4 5
7. Semester SWS ECTS
Traffic Route Engineering I.2 4 3
Chosen specialisations    
Construction Management 2 5 5
Environment and Infrastructure 2 5 5
Structural Engineering Project Studies 4 7
Selected Chapters from Structural Engineering 2 5
Preventive Structural Fire Protection 4 5
Construction Management II 4 5
Bachelorarbeit (BA) - 10