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11th european seminar on precision optics manufacturing

23 april - 24 april 2024

Main topics:

  • Manufacturing and measurement of optics from mm- to m-range and optical systems: Processes for grinding, polishing, centering, assembly, handling, surface modification, cleaning and coating of optics
  • Standards in optics manufacturing. Design of optics, error budgeting, fusion of optical and mechanical design, strategies for optical design within mechanical tolerances. Optical design SW: experiences, current developments, license models & alternatives
  • Advanced and next generation technologies in high precision manufacturing: Ultraprecision machining, kinetic abrasive polishing, additive manufacturing, molding, new and special materials, next generation of giant optics manufacturing and testing
  • Smart fusion of manufacturing and measurement of optics: Lessons learned in industry and research institutes in environment, media control, process stability, measurement, data handling and data mining
  • Internet of things: Data handling and security within the value chain from optical design to manufacturing process, optical systems and their integrity and vulnerabilities


Seminar Chairs:

Dr. Oliver Fähnle, OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Gerald Fütterer, DIT
Prof. Dr. Ing. Christine Wünsche, DIT
Prof. Dr. Helge Thieß, DIT


Conference Language: English


Presentation Formats:

  • Conference paper with 20 minutes talk including 5 minutes for discussion
  • Moderated digital presentation


Application: Please send your abstract to info.tc-teisnach@th-deg.de


Abstract Formats:

Abstract submissions should be 1 page in pdf, app. 300 words in length;
Heading: Arial 12, bold; author: Arial 11, bold; text: Arial 11


Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission by 23 February 2024
  • Paper Submission by 07 April 2024; Guidlines; Upload Link
  • Paper Final Review by 20 April 2024
  • Seminar: 23 - 24 April 2024


Bavarian Evening

On the first evening we would love to introduce you to bavarian culture. We will spend the evening having traditional bavarian food and drinks, while chatting about our latest projects and research. Location: Gasthof Eck, Böbrach


Fee for:

Participant EUR 400€ VAT included.

Speaker EUR 300 VAT included.







If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Alexander Haberl via e-mail alexander.haberl@th-deg.de or by telephone +49 9923/80108-423


We are looking forward to receiving your contribution/proposal!